The BlobVis tool needs Java 1.5+ to run

Running the program

Using the features

This will use the terminology from the report. If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to ask on the google group:

Basic usage

When the program loads it will ask for a "Blob configuration". In the zipfile a "blobprograms" directory is included with example of blob programs, blob data and blob configurations.

The main interface is displayed here at the right(Click for larger). The visualization area(1) will show the program as green nodes and data as red nodes.

APB and ADB is emphasised with brighter green/red and a thicker line. "The Bug"(Bond from APB to ADB) is also a thicker line.

If the layout algorithm isn't producing good enough layouts, it is possible to drage blobs around to do manual layouting. In the second video on the screenshots page this is what was done.

To execute the current APB press "Step program"(5) and observe the changes happening to the data and APB/ADB and "The bug". To "execute" the program press "Play program". The visualization area(1) will then step through each program blob until it meets an EXT program blob instruction. To restart the program press "Restart program"

To zoom or dezoom the visualization area(1), use either the scrollwheel on the mouse, or the buttons(2). The button with "[]" will try to "Zoom To Fit".

If the program loaded is big (1000+ blobs) use the "Connectivity Filter" slider(3) to descrease the amount of visible nodes on screen. Only blobs at n steps out from APB will be visble(Default is 10 steps out).

If the layouting algorithm is to invasive it is possible to "pause" the movements with the "Pause force simulation" button(4). The force simulation will also be paused when the program reached an "EXT" program blob.

Adding data blobs

It is possible to add or delete data blobs while the program is loaded. To either add a single data blob or to add a set of random data blobs right click an existing data blob.

It is possible to add either a single blob with a specific cargo or add a set of random blobs. See screenshots for images of the "Add blob dialogs"

Tuning the Force simulation constants

It is also possible to modify the constants of the force-directed layout algorithm used. To do that choose the "Force-simulation settings.." menuitem under "Settings" and the dialog to the right will appear. When these sliderse are changed the visualization is updated real time so it is possible to evaluate changes immediately