The BlobVis graphical user interface
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1) Visualization area
2) zoom buttons
3) Connectivity filter. Limit to show only N nodes out from APB
4)Start/Stop force simulation movements
5)Program controls. Step, play, restart

Force Simulator settings
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From the settings menupoint this dialog is available. This is a setup panel for the prefuse force simulator allowing to adjust the force simulator constants realtime. For an example, try starting BlobVis and increase "DefaultSpringLength" while looking at the visualization area

Very large program visualized - The self interpreter

If you have the time, it is possible to visualize very big programs. This is the Blob instruction set self interpreter visualized.

Existing data blob rightclick menu

It is possible to add and delete data blobs on the fly by right clicking an existing data blob.

Add a single blob to existing data blob

Either add a single blob with this dialog

Add a set of random blobs to existing data blob

or add a set of random blobs with this dialog

The effects of doing a JN instruction.

The background image is the tree before the instruction. The marked subtree is removed by the JN instruction.

Juggling append program.

Two lists are appended while keeping the data centered around a single list of arguments. This allows the lists being appended to contain additional data on BondSite 3.
The program contains three parts:
  • traverse l1 to the end around a list-header(and leave at bs3).
  • move l2 to l1-listheader-bs2
  • Back-traverse l1+l2 effectively appending the two lists and ends up with a loopheader pointing to l1+l2